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Album : Her Hvor Intet Lys Finnes
Taken from : Symphonium
as written by : Kjetil Ottersen/Warius

Her hvor intet lys finnes

BM in its absolutely primal, orthodox and low-res format. I`m actually quite impressed (in a producer and sound engineer`s estimation) with the recording`s condition. A production of this caliber, which is all about torturing the human ear by creating the most degraded sound one can possibly achieve in a BM-context, allows the word “necro” to stand as a scientific and completely justified turn of phrase.

Normally I avoid commenting on the sound- and production quality of demos, but in this case I simply feel compelled to speak my mind. The fact is that the sound is so utterly dreadful that I`m having a hard time making out the actual music at certain points... By all means; one does get the main picture when listening to these hymns of hell, fire and brimstone - it`s not like REGIN are reinventing the wheel or anything. Just don`t expect to find any intriguing musical or technical niceties here, that`s all (but that`s not really the focal point of this kind of BM either, now is it?).

Nevertheless; my opinion is, as mentioned above, that REGIN`s BM principally revolves around the old-school vein, commending the early days of the likes of Burzum, Mayhem and Satyricon. There`s enough nostalgia here for everyone. I also get a feeling that this music could prove to be rather good if embedded in a different and more hospitable soundscape. A proper example is the main theme on “Dødslengsel” - great stuff!

As a closure I might add that the lyrics are written in both English and Norwegian. Personally I`d prefer to lose the bilingual scheme. It gets too schizophrenic for my taste - not that one can tell the difference on this record, anyway.

-Kjetil Ottersen-

”Her hvor intet lys finnes” has been released as a demo earlier.

Regins debut album shows you how raw and somewhat grim black metal can be. At a fast paste the drums and guitars rage on into ragnarok, with the vocals screaming of filth and spitting venom… I guess.

The album consists of five songs that almost sound the same, and that mixed with the bad sound quality makes it all into a big platter of kraut… I’m surprised that they’ve released the album with crappy demo sound, very bold if I might say. It sounds like they play in the basement, where you rather should be sniffing glue that playing black metal. The good part for Regin is that they are true to the genre in a way, but sadly they don’t bring anything new to the table of terror…

By: Warius

Album : Her Hvor Intet Lys Finnes

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