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Album : Her Hvor Intet Lys Finnes
Taken from : A History of Norwegian Black Metal
as written by : n/a

Regin ‘Her hvor intet lys finners’ demo [Review added November 2006]

Raw, primitive guitars set to standard simple scales that gnaw at your ears with slow brooding menace. With track1, Dodslengsel meandering at a mid-tempo pace, the following, Merciless, blasts off in true chaotic Norse Black Metal fashion only to subside into a slower atmospheric mid section. There is a fine degree of song writing ability woven into the material, as the melodies ride alongside the extremity in equally measures, thus allowing the music to flow more freely. The production is audible, and above average for a demo, though still very much wallowing in that muggy tonal mist.

There is a thrashing element to track 3, Mannefall, although set to a cumbersome melee of snares ,guitar fuzz and snarling vocal delivery, the track works well enough. Hird, is a ferocious Black Metal head charge, setting the scene for the final track of the demos title. Here we find much of what preceded, in terms of interacting bass and guitar lines whooshing amongst the thundering snare attack. The momentum is sustained for near on seven minutes, and much of the pervious material clocks in at around 4-5 minutes, making for some interesting moments.

Album : Her Hvor Intet Lys Finnes

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