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Eventually founded in 2003 after about a year of "planning" when founding members Fimbul, Nekrokissa (then on guitars and vocals) and Vanvidd hooked up with guitarist Grimne. After a somewhat legendary concert in 2003 a couple of months after it was founded, Regin decided to get another vocalist. They then found Inhuman, a decent vocalist.
Regin has had a bumby ride up until now as they have had breaks and problems with members being inactive, getting jailed, sued for death threats, accused of church burnings and other clashes with the law. After former vocalist Inhuman got jailed for arson Regin had a tough time finding a new vocalist and even had to play a concert without. Regin soon hooked up with Likskrik who proved himself as a good man and a decent vocalist and they are currently in the creative process of composing and recording more cold black metal.
Members of Regin are all influenced by quite a lot of different genres.

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